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And now its sad cuz all i missed.. [entries|friends|calendar]
Jaded mother fucking Trust

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[17 Aug 2004|03:17pm]
[ mood | drained ]


Touch my face again.
kiss me one more time.
Tell me you
and hold me like you won't let go.
Whisper in my ear.
Tell me this is forever.
Block out the world.
Only see me.
Listen to what I say.
And hear what I don't.
Need me
And want me tomorrow.


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[17 Aug 2004|03:08pm]
[ mood | blank ]


You Cant Classify You Cant Label Me On A List.
Or Tie Me Up And Put Me In Your Pretty Black Box
I'm Unique
You have Never Seen Anything Like me Before
I Broke The Mold
I Am A New Invention
You Cant Place Me In A Group.
I Am An Indevidual
I Set The Trend
I Dont Fit In with Your Pretty Misconceptions
I Dont Follow Your Rules
Instead I Break Them.
I am Not Your Typical Teen.
I Am My Own Person.

Lie To Me

yet another poem [01 Jul 2004|10:51pm]
[ mood | tired ]

This Actually isnt one of My Poems, its From one of the former Alcoholics I met when I was In AA at Placement...His Name is Dave Breslin if any of y'all like poetry you should check out his stuff its really good. I fell in love with this one.


Letter To Happieness

By:Dave Breslin.

Dear Happieness,

Now and then i get this feeling of just wanting to quit waiting here miserably for you to return to your trip because its everyday im feeling like we'll Never meet agian and maby i should realize our wounds are too deep to mend I try to keep on pushing and telling myself to persist hoping tht someday soon our life together will soon exist but i try and cant remember what it was like to have you near . i wonder if i would even be able to tell if you were here So i guess what im saying is that m really quite concerned I hope when u recieve this it will be soon that u return So hurry back and dont Forget Me without you in My Life is Madness I miss you and Cant Wait to Feel You

                                                         Sincerely Yours, Sadness

Lie To Me

just a poem [27 Jun 2004|06:20pm]
[ mood | blah ]

pain so strong
it cuts right through the meaningless love presented in your eyes
love is irrelevent though, in your sense of style
pain is what you strive for
in hopes of something greater than this
you've picked me up, when i was down
mabe just to throw me back where i belong,
in the depths of black
i have long forgotten you by now?
but your voice still remains in the worst of nightmares
and the best of dreams
forever engraved in my heart you will stay
only moved by the simplest of...
love itself detroys my soul
shut down by your heartless faith
and that my dear, oh that is love...




Lie To Me

[19 May 2004|09:33pm]
[ mood | awake ]

How do you know?
Does anyone know?
How can you tell?
Does it have to show?
Is it something u hear
From the one you love dear?
Do you feel it inside?
Does it come naturally?
Do I have to work for it?
Or just be me?
Should someone else
Love me first?
Or can I be..
The first to burst?
Can I love them still
Without them loving me?
Could that ever happen?
Could that ever be?
How do you know?

*Next time you question me,
I'll take it offensively.
No more bein nice,
you should've thought twice
about hurtin me.
*Ima make you feel like I do,
if it's even possible for you.
Cuz I don't think you care about anything..
and you're not even aware
of any of the pain you put me through.
I wish I could say I don't love you,
but that would be lying,
and that's something I won't do.
Cuz I wouldn't wanna end up bein like you!
*Oh how I wish I could see tears
seep through your eyes,
but even that wouldn't be enough
to cover up the lies
you kept from me.*

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[13 May 2004|03:08pm]
[ mood | busy ]

Emptiness has overcome me.
Why can't I be what I want to be?
Dying to try to try to die.
And end all of my misery.
Sometimes I feel like, jumping off the ledge.
Sometimes I feel like, that I'm already dead.
Maybe if you see what I see.
Death is what surrounds me.
People who die. People who lie.
People who mutilate what make me, ME.
I try to be more positive, but these assholes keep bringing me down.
Tried to be a little more sensitive, but where were you when I needed you around?
Maybe if you knew what I knew, maybe you would be DEAD too!
If you only knew what I was going through.
i dont need ur shit too!


You think this world is dying
And you think that you are too
You think everything you were is fading
And you don’t know what to do

But the scars of your past
Yeah, they’ll fade away
Leave nothing more than your memory
But who cares anyway?

Life sucks, but who gives a fuck
Not me, cause those lies – they wore out
Well fuck you, asshole
Cause you don’t deserve me
And you never will

Friends they come, they go
They all think that they know
What’s beneath the surface
How can they when they don’t know me at all

Every scar tells a story in my mind
Every breath I take I die,
All over again
It feels – what am I talking about –
You know how it feels

I loved you all my life
But I don’t think you ever knew
I told you in my head
It’s not my fault you never heard

Lie To Me

[13 May 2004|03:05pm]
[ mood | busy ]

I bleed for you,
From my heart,
I bleed for love,
I can't part.

I bleed for memories so sweet,
I can still taste,
Please forgive my heart that cheat,
I bleed for that with every beat.

Every night I dream of you,
Thinking you'll come back,
What a sad hope,
I fear the truth I lack.

How do I let go,
I've been trying,
Pain is all I know,
My eyes are crying.

Don't forget the day,
You burn this candle,
You're in my heart to stay,
You're more than I can handle.


Why Did you bother?
Why did you try?
How could you do it?
Tell me those lies?
You knew it would hurt
and you hoped it would
I almost killed you
Now I wish I could
What else should I do?
What else but me sorry
for what I have done
Now it's time to move on and have some fun
I haven't changed
I haven't fell
there is one thing I wish
For you to go to HELL!

Lie To Me

[06 May 2004|05:10pm]


There Will Be

There will be a day
When I will no longer be here
I wont live my life in sorrows
I wont live my life in fear

There will be a day
When i wont be around
There wont be no more weeping
There wont be no more sounds

There will be a day
When i will stop crying
There wont be no more tears
There wont be no more trying

There will be a day
When i will be finally gone
There will be no more bruises
All of this, it will be done.

There will be a day
When im finally happy
When i can smile
Not be broken
And be myself once again.

Lie To Me

[06 May 2004|05:07pm]

The Things I Dont Show

My insecurities have allways gotten in the way
Not sure of my direction
Not sure of what to say.

My fears get in the way of m y smile
So when I`m happy
Im not sure if its happiness
I think it's just denial.

My scars they're so sinful
So painless and pink
I feel so un-noticed
Im not what they think.

The tears ive had to hide
fir years on end
I had to live between the lines
that is why i pretend.

The things I never show
Are the things that hurt the most
But im not important
Invisible as a ghost.

And be myself once again.

Lie To Me

[05 May 2004|09:05pm]

The Fire

The embers glow
they burn and yearn
to die
inside the coldest
you see the crashing
of the tide
you feel the
rumbling from within
the great force
tearing through your skin
it searches savagely
for your sin
as the fires last
dance begins
the crying embers
are silenced
by the whispers of
the water so violent
the smoke gathers
bathing your heart in
its lather
soaking your dreams
in the blood of the
choaking your screams
in the ashes of

Lie To Me

[05 May 2004|09:00pm]


Close my ears
im sorry
but every tear
is insincere
and ive been soaked through
with you
and an empty soul
that u carry around
over your own
and you flash it to others
hoping to rise
to let some interest rise
until you put it back
panic attack
realize you lied
to yourself
and fooled no one else
but the person you
used to be

Lie To Me

[05 May 2004|08:48pm]


I cannot sleep
letting this peaceful bliss
that is lack of control
wash over me
giving up the reins
to my true self
letting go of the blame
i cannot let my mind
run free
to dance over what thoughts
it wishes
i no what it wishes
i cannot trust myself
Awake i can stifle the
Awake i can distract myself
from this emptyness
Awake i can reason
and judge and preach
i cannot go to sleep because
i cannot dream of having you
Only to wake up..alone.

Lie To Me

[05 May 2004|01:38am]


*Its good to know that im not the only one who would rather fuck a cold hard piece of plastic than your nasty self*. You think your so smart, you think you can confuse me and make me look like the one causing the bullshit and drama?! How could you lie to me?! How could you look me in the eye and not feel a thing? You made me feel special, You made me feel alive. When i cried you told me you wished you could kiss away all my tears as you held me. I gave you my heart and its as if you took it and held it in the palm of your hand watch it beat, dropped it and kicked it aside like a tin can. I cant wait till someone really hurts you. I hope you fall in love with someone not knowing what they really feel and that there really leading you on. I hope they rip out your soul take a steel knife and shove it down your fucking throat and carve the life right out of you. I hope your eyes burn from the tears of knowing you've been lied to. I fucking hope you go through all the bullshit you put me through, and believe all the lies that i did...

And i hope you end up still being so in love with the fucker that does all that shit to you... and i hope it kills you inside..


<3 always..Jenna St.pierre

Lie To Me

[05 May 2004|01:35am]
Love is Like..
Love is like dew on lilacs at dawn:
come the swift sun and the dew is gone,
Love is like starlight at the breath of morn:
Starlight that dies when the day is gone
Lie To Me

[05 May 2004|01:34am]



You don't like my music and You don't like my friends. You don't like my clothes, Or my favorite little trends. All You do is bring me down All You wanna do is change me. All You say is, "It's for the best." When You don't even know me. When you're just like all the rest. Just let me go now. I don't wanna talk to You I don't need You in my life. I'm much better without You.

Lie To Me

[05 May 2004|01:32am]
To Have Ever Loved At All
Has your heart ever died With the evening sun? Has your voice ever lied To protect someone? Have you ever been in love? Have you ever cried a sea Because of who you're thinking of And all that it could be? Have you ever said good-bye 'Cause it hurt each time to leave Did you ever walk away 'Cause it was too good to believe? How could something so devious Be so pure? How could something so poisonous Be the final cure?

It's better to have loved and been loved in return Than to never be loved at all It's better to lose and learn Than to never have taken a fall It's better to crash and burn Than to have never loved at all

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